Dot Com versus Not Com

.Com is Implanted is now for sale

The first thing that comes to mind when you mention the word “Internet” is .Com, correct? The largest search engine is g o o g l e dot com. Every major corporation owns their brand name in .Com. Some people recall the dot com crash of 2000, that too is a good reminder. It wasn’t called the .Net crash, but remains associated with .Com.

Now depending upon your age and when you started using the internet, let’s say at the most would be between 17-22 years, and the main domain extension that is in the mind of the public is .Com or Dot Com. Second are .Net (Previously used by online service providers) and .Org (Which was used by many organizations- for profit and non-profit. .CC as the alternative has been one of the few widely used outside the USA, primarily in China. has 13 hours more to go, and the bid is up to $5300. There are many sites available with the .CC extension. Then .Co since it is close to .Com with the “M” missing. Then the geographically based “Geo” specific extensions- .co.Uk, .Eu, .De, .Dk, .Es, etc grew. Now in the past few years 1000 more new extensions were approved, and released for registration. However, in the minds of the public, .Com remains international, the leader, the prestigious and most sought after extension, commanding very high $$$. Companies invest in these domain names, a recent news item was that the word “” was purchased for 6 figures. Done on speculation. One of the major Shark Tank entrepreneur’s himself owns several high value .Com’s

The debates continue about whether or not these newer alternative extensions will be viable. Luxury.Company I saw someone registered in hopes of selling that name someday. I wish him well. Would Sotheby’s or Tiffany’s buy that for their website? Possibly, but I don’t think so.